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NetTalkMatters.com, About Me. Hello, my name is Patrick, this page has some interesting information about me and how & why I am here today! Some years ago I started looking out for an easier way to make some extra income.

As I had plans, to make long traveling trips world wide and still make an income from my experiences. That said; laptop, sandy beaches, clear blue skies and long sunny days were almost on the horizon? 🙂

Then, along comes the banking crisis!

This situation has affected many of us. How come not everyone has heard of this…? 

Well do you know, that it could happen all over again?  🙁

After some research into many aspects of what was available. I came up with online marketing and affiliate programs as the way to go. Could I achieve an income to help support my new approaching life style! As you see I have not always been an internet marketer, how things change, just like life itself!

Study and Hard Work will improvement your situation!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have studied well, worked hard for long hours in my industrial career,About Me made many friends and loss some along the way in that time. I love my work and made great achievements, gained many personal accomplishments and expectations. My endeavours far exceeded my original goals in my industry.

This endeavour put my employers in an enviable position of been market leaders in their field. They could now compete with any competitor across Europe in the same product range.

I have always had a passion for computers and information technology and worked with them for many years. I have taught friends, and colleagues how to run and use many different computer systems and programs.

People in all walks of life I have helped to train and encourage them, to use simple office programs. Later watch them & see how their appetite has grown and flourish when they found new interests for them selves with the use of this technology.

I am now an Internet marketing entrepreneur, a creator of online products since 2010. Specializing in marketing, information and video products for an ever expanding market place.

I run this website nettalkmatters.com, Setting Up an Online Business. for newbies starting out, or for people who just want a helping hand to get going, to set up a simple website for them-selves, for what ever reason.

I also help more ambitious people who wish to setup their first online business! Many of the resources you need, are available through this website, where you can use my contacts to help you along. Please leave a comment below if you would like me to help you in any way?

I like to help people out where I can, I am a down to earth person, and if you ask me a question I’ll do my best to answer it straight, if I can not, then I’ll say so. “I won’t beat about the bush” I believe in helping people, who in turn will help other people, which is paying it forward, and makes me happy.

There are Scams out and about

I found out the hard way when I started my first online business, The “experts” quite often knew very little about the subject matter, other than set up a squeeze page to sell a given product with a very long sales pitch! Have you seen them? Or more important, have you bought the products but never got to use them, well you are not alone!

I think that there are too many in this business that just set up to sell, sell, sell, even if the products are not really what you need to get going at the beginning! So be alert, it’s nothing new in business, even the Romans had a good saying, that is still quoted in dealing with business today!


NetTalkMatters.com ResearchIn creating and developing an Internet based business, with products for a successful growing band of new online entrepreneurs.

It is amazing to see how some of the new technologies available can create wonderful professional websites, “straight out of the box” .

They are so straight forward to set up, anybody can do it, if only you let yourself go, its the fear of the unknown that often stands in the path of your success.

Now I’d love to hear from any success stories! If you have got any feed back for me, do get in touch and leave a comment on this site. So please come back and visit this site regularly as I am always updating the content and that includes this about me page! So anytime I find something of interest I will include it on my website, you can always contact me here on my Wealthy Affiliate profile. 🙂



Founder and creator of this website;-


Setting Up an Online Business.

Email: patrick@nettalkmatters.com

I’d love to here from you?

Thank you for reading my post;

Please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends… I hope you will call back soon.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Patrick

    Hi Dave,thank you for your comment,
    I am delighted that you found my website post of great interest and the theme that I use was to your liking.
    This theme was not my first choice but after many others I have found this to be my chosen one…
    Yes lots of content and Wealthy Affiliate is a great training ground.

  2. Dave Page

    Hello Patrick, great site, you write really well in a nice crisp theme.
    You’ve definitely got a lot of content, and I think Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic learning centre

  3. Patrick

    Hello Dan,
    Nice to see you here and thanks for your comment.
    I like your tip and I am going to do this during the coming week.
    Viewed you site and it looks good.
    Best wishes

  4. Dan Labbe

    Good site Wes all you need to do is get a Gravatar for your website and email. P.s. it is free.

  5. Patrick

    Hello Kevin,
    Great to see you have visited my site and wrote a comment, thank you.
    Yes millions are very interested in this subject, but many are only reading…?
    Now you have taken action, this is very important in any field of activity.
    I am really glad that you found my site interesting, liked what you seen.
    May I say that you got a good user experience from your visit to my website, this is very good news.
    I wish you success in you business.

  6. Kevin Simpson

    Hi Patrick!

    Great site, and such a huge topic on the minds of millions today. Now my site (whyshouldibelievejesus.com), although way off base from what you are promoting, will soon play a key role in directing those ‘Jesus Freaks,’ lol, like myself, that the bible does not teach that money is the root of all evil, but rather, the love of money, and let’s face it, money makes the world go round, not to mention a good Jewish friend of mine by the name of King Solomon tells us that money is everything and that we are to eat, drink, and be merry…responsibly, of course.

    So I’m going to take your lead here and take WA very seriously; love your approach…a well researched approach. God bless you,


  7. admin

    Hi Jmegan,
    Thank you for your comments, it’s early days for my site, hope to start filling out the pages soon?
    Email working fine. I’ll go and have a look at your site!
    How new are you to this kind of business?
    What is Clear press, is it a WP theme? I have not heard of it before, but there are so many out there now..!
    You can look at my site as I progress through its development.
    On the struggling point, there is a lot of training here at WA, but hell ask a question on the discussion boards or open a discussion your self on your question..?
    Kind regards

  8. Jmegan

    Hello PatricK,
    Just dropping you a line to say hello, and to see if this comment box, and my email work as expected.
    I’ll send you an email as well.
    Thanks for letting me have a look around your site.
    Great job.
    I am struggling but have just changed from Clear press and the new site seems to have more editing buttons etc.
    Warm regards,

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