Get Affiliated – How Affiliate Programs Work For You

By | February 4, 2017

Get Affiliated - How Affiliate Programs Work For YouGet Affiliated

Joining an affiliate program is a great way to allow other people to do your selling for you. You can make up to $200 an hour and work only a few hours a day. By joining or creating your own affiliate program. Does that sound tempting? Many affiliate programs can get you on the right path to a sustainable income through a small or home based business.

So, what are affiliate programs exactly? An affiliate program is sharing revenue between you and a business that sells services or products. The business rewards you with money for sending customers their way. Does it sound good so far? Now you know what an affiliate program is, now let us see how it works.

First, you place links on your website to a particular businesses website. When a visitor clicks on that link and purchases a product or service from that business, you earn a referral fee. Some affiliate programs will only pay you for a limited amount of time, (like a 24hour or 90 cookies as Amazon do)  while others will track the sales from your referrals for the entire life of the customer.

The average referral fee comes from a percentage of the total amount sold. Some businesses will pay a set amount, click through, or other actions initiated from your website. That percentage can vary from business to business. More visitors and the higher the sales is more money in your pocket.

Does that sound easy?

Remember there is no easy money. You cannot just put up a website, start posting a dozen affiliate links, and expect the money to come swarming in. There are a few things to consider first. You need to decide what kind of website you should have that would allow you to start making money through affiliate programs. What works best for you and your website?

Now you will have to decide how you will market your website most effectively. Never create a website that consists solely of affiliate links. This creates a very unprofessional site and does not bring in the traffic that you desire.

Another aspect to developing a small business is careful panning. You should be able to map out a profitable strategy by using affiliate programs. Your planned strategy should allow your business to grow and enable you to build a sustainable income on a regular basis.

You need to be able to generate a reasonable income from your website by using affiliate programs. That way, it will bring you more than petty cash and will be worth all your time and effort.

How Affiliate Programs Work For You

Do not wait for the website traffic to flow in all by itself. It is up to you to market your website and lure the visitors to you. Only hard work and persistence will grant you the keys to success.

You will need to research all of your options carefully before entering into any contracts or making any commitments.

Even if you do not have your own service or product to sell, you can still make money by selling someone elses service or products. You can do this by becoming an affiliate of another e-commerce website.

Finding an affiliate program can be as easy as going to a Link Share or Commission Junction. These are companies that have systems set up for you to find, apply and manage a variety of affiliate programs through their websites. These companies will also collect all your commissions and compile all your earnings into one paycheck, so that you receive only one check instead of a series of small checks.

You can find an affiliate program in nearly every area that interests you. Be sure to take your time when browsing through the categories and select the ones that would work best for you.

Affiliate Links On Your Website

If you are interested in putting an affiliate link on your website, most programs will give you instructions on how to establish a link to their website. Normally, the web page allows you to produce a HTML code to post on your website. This HTML code will display an image or text on your web page that is directly linked to the businesses website and contains information that will let the business know which click through came from your website.

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6 thoughts on “Get Affiliated – How Affiliate Programs Work For You

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Rosa,
    Affiliate links are good if done right on your site and people that like what you are writing about, will tend to click on your links as they like to read more of your material. If your offer is appealing to them you can have a sale.
    That is why you should recommend good products that are in-line with your blog,
    {EG. cat food or toys on a website about Cats..!}
    Yes you get a small payment for each sale, it could be an Amazon product you promote, or from one of the many other affiliate providers that are out there.
    Thanks for taking the time to make a comment.

  2. Patrick Post author

    Thanks Linda, generally no, but when you have setup a few the whole process is can be done quite fast.
    Yes; companies or venders provide you with the links and a lot of other information for you to use if you wish.
    You need to check out your links now and then, to make sure that the they are alive and working. If not you need to looking into the problem and see if the product has changed or been with drawn!

  3. Patrick Post author

    Hello Paul,
    I think you friend has found the secret of making money online.
    Glad that you made your comment here as all this is really good for my website and to show other visitors that good keywords are worth while finding.

  4. Rosa

    Do people have to buy things from your links in the affiliate programs? Are there any programs that allow you to get a small amount of payment if your reader clicks on their link and reads their content, joins their mailing list, or anything like that?

  5. Paul

    I have a friend that is involved in maybe two affiliate programs with his website. His following is regular, but not booming, but he still manages to make a decent chunk of cash from his affiliate programs. He’ll write an article and add a couple links to products that he uses. He doesn’t even have to be pushy about it.

  6. Linda

    Do links to affiliate programs take a lot of time to maintain? Do the companies give you a link to put on the site and use keywords from your site to determine what products are offered, or do you have to do your own research and create links from their catelogue of products and delete them when they no longer offer those products?

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