Has Google got Social Media SEO in the Bag

By | April 20, 2016

Has Google got Social Media SEO in the BagGoogle and Social Media;

Are they bed fellows..? Or is there some other SEO pillow talk going on between these two giant sectors of the internet. So my question Has Google got Social Media SEO in the Bag…?

It would seem at the moment that they are in full support of each other…!

However; are there any likes or dislikes to be seen on the surface of how they work and more importantly can we, as affiliates make better use of their prowess

Online Interaction With Social Media

Google likes your online interaction with social media in your niche, as this will give you more credit or Google juice which all goes towards you getting more natural organic traffic and back links to your website.

Should you have good quality relevant content on your niche subject, Google cannot ignore your article as this will prove to be good for your READERS..! Notice I did not say visitors! as visitors may only be that to your website, which is good in itself?

But readers… now they are the best visitors anybody can have viewing your site as they will stay and read some or many of your articles, or even book mark your site to come back again which is the best you can hope for.

Therefore Google see’s all this going on your website and will give you extra rewards for your readers staying and proving that you are giving a good user experience.

From this you will get people naturally sharing, liking and tweeting your articles through their social media groups therefore sending you more visitors to read your articles, it’s get no better than this for the life of your website.

Promoting Your Brand

Which is all great for promoting your content to have the results you expect to achieve in an organic fashion for your brand of products?

So Social Media has a part to play in helping  to spread your presents over the internet, this will help to show your brand and what you stand for and it will help you obtain more sales when you can keep it all relevant to your own niche.

On the plus side of things, if you can implement your social media through new articles and posts to your audience, you stand to gain ranking from Google as more people are going to view your website from all these social sites across the web and interact directly with your website.

High Traffic Volume

Off course a high traffic volume to your website is not going to push up sales on it’s own, you need to have your online SEO created into your articles and information from the very start of writing your articles and this is where a good professional really shines in producing good quality articles that are also SEO ready.


In the video below you can watch and hear what Google likes to see in this area of SEO Work…




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6 thoughts on “Has Google got Social Media SEO in the Bag

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Minnhaj,

    thank you for your comment and google is here to keep an eye on all of us….?

    If you do not believe me go check out my latest post, you will enjoy it.

    Keep up with all that good content writing, I am?



  2. Minhaj

    Hi Patrick

    While I agree that Google does like social shares, as with everything, this too can be manipulated, its why content all always be king. Write quality content that will get you links (the most important ranking factor) and social shares.
    But being active and sharing on social media is still very important. Thanks for the article

  3. Patrick Post author

    Hi Nikos, this is a great comment and I am glad that you can see how important social media interaction is in the the over all health of your website, by the all seeing eyes of the search engines.

    Google like’s it and it sees the more that people are involved with the social media side of your webside interaction that this is a good experience for your visitors and this will help your ratings. In return from google searches your website will move natural up the returns of SERP’s. This will only happen because your visitors are talking about your website in their social media platforms, which is seen by google as people needing more of what you are giving them on your website, good content…!



  4. Nikos

    Google i believe has made it clear especially with their latest update (Fred) that they really like quality content.
    I totally agree with your article that the amount of the social shares are part of Google’s algorithm on how they rank websites. It’s all about the user experience.
    After all, quality content that is helpful and useful for your readers will be shared a lot more.

  5. Patrick Post author

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your comment, I am glad that you understood the post and it’s point…?

    Yes quality is what drives this internet business to be a better place.

    As for the traffic, you only have to go to this link here at WA…?

    Check it out and see if you get your answer there, here is the link for you?




  6. Matthew Thomas

    I think SEO first and foremost relies on quality content, would you agree? If you provide quality content to your visitors, then they will naturally engage within it (comment) and share on social media. It’s like a domino-effect that all starts with quality content.

    Do you have any other secrets to share, like where to find high traffic, low competition keywords?

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