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By | August 27, 2015

How to get started with using Google Webmasters Tools..?Great Google Webmasters Tools






The following video will help you to set up and verify your website with Google webmasters tools.

This is an important step, it is only one of many that you should do early on in your website development.

The sooner you do this one task the quicker the Google search engine will rank your website higher, as this process alone gives you more weight and credibility with Google.

In the eyes of Google you have given them some extra proof of what they like to see in your website creation or make-up.

This is seen as good website craft practice and Google allows you more in ranking points if you will, as you are completing more items for what it likes to see in a well constructed website.

The verification of your html meta tag on your website completes this step and thus the Google mighty machine can go to work for you in the background.

The result of this work is that you get another few points added to your website in an organic way as Google will trust your website that much more and this helps to increase your website;

Search Engine Ranking Position, SERP

So let’s get started and view this video..!

Has this video helped you to verify your website with Google..?

Thank you for reading my post;

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2 thoughts on “Google Webmasters Tools

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your comment, I’ll say it’s not so easy for a beginner to do at first.
    But with some practice you can become quite fast in a short time, then you know you are right in the middle of things you start to make progress. I am pleased you liked the tools and a successful website is on the way.

  2. Peter

    You have to implement these tools to have a successful website. Good information here. Thanks for providing a great explanation as to what they’re all about:)

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