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By | August 7, 2015

Your Dream To Build an Online Business Can Begin Here!

How to Get Started as Online Startup entrepreneur Lets begin with building your new website into an online business. Is this possible, Oh Yes! Read this article to find out, how to get started ?

That’s great, because today we can begin here at NetTalkMatters where I can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and tools to help you along the way with how to get started with you project?

Many people become successful in their ambition of creating an online business and go on to fulfil that life time dream…!

Is this you….? if so it is only you who can change that desire into action. Let’s get you started, no need at this time to look for your flexible friend, No, No!

I can help you get started for free! yes FREE you can join up here.

Before you go any further, let me thank you sincerely for visiting my website and I wish you great success with your online plans, should you wish to make a start with building your New Website let me help you along?

You are about to embark on your dream project this is wonderful, as you progress along in your training.

You will see how to turn your website creation in to an online income stream, and over time you will continue to expand it.

So from a small beginning you can build a great online business. One thing I must say now is that you need to be prepared to do some work, study and much writing. Later when you get up and running your online business, you could have many websites and blogs to look after.

So you will learn how to outsource some or all of this work as your business expands and all your website will need to have new content entered on a regularly bases. This may come as a shock to you now, as a beginner? But as time goes by and you are expanding your business you will not have all the time you might have now..?

But for now it’s best that you get to do a lot of this work for yourself whywell; from this you will gain experience and come to recognize what quality content really is. So when you are outsourcing projects in the future, you will be able to judge what others will produce for you and know whether to accept or reject it as unique original quality content for your website.”

With some practice you will become an expert in this field and come to know in an instant what is right for you and your website niche. To attain this ability for yourself will become priceless, as your website progresses and starts to make money for you! But for now you do not need to worry about this, as you start to build out your website, it will become as second nature to you, in a shorter time than you now think.

Do you really know what to do now, to get started, or what you need to have before you do start?

How about I help you to make that first step on your journey really easy? You may be thinking, how can a small site like yours work and make money for you?

Well read on:- here is a short video from one of Google’s top men, that will help to put your mind to rest with that concern?

As Matt explains here, that your small website can rank just as well as the big websites, on the first page at or near the top of the Google Search Engine Results.

The higher you are on the results page the better possibilities your site has of making money. As more viewers means greater possibility of getting those clicks from viewers who may go on to buy from your website, your products or services.

Make A Start With Building Your New Website

PayPal Image For Net Talk Matters

Start here with Wealthy Affiliate

Now be realistic this is a business and as in any business, you need some capital and a bank account, right? And with that said, you also need to setup a ClickBank or PayPal account. There are many others also available to do the same job, if you know them or already use them that’s ok, the choice is yours?

This is how your customers will pay you for your goods or services online. As these are two of the most popular and very capable providers of this essential requirement used for any online business. So get the banking side of things sorted now, it is easy to just sign up and open an account with them.

Later on in your business you will use other similar services, that you will sign up to as time goes on and you become more experience in this business. You will have many different accounts set up for this kind of work, maybe on different websites that you set up in the future? Now that was not too difficult, but a most important task to do before you go any further in making a start with building your new website ?

It Is Most Important To Do All Your Money Transactions Online Securely.

This one factor alone, will help boost your customers confidents in dealing with you for their purchase of your goods and services online.

Well; there are a few other things you need to think about and do before you go any further, have you got a product, subject or niche in mind, that you wish to cater for?

Here is a list of what you need to have, but where you select them from is often down to your personal choice:-

Note! you may need to do this first?

 I recommend you choose your niche and keywords before you look for your domain name? This advice is ( like the cart before the horse ) but get this one item done correctly now and believe me. It will give your website a natural organic SEO boost by having  one or all of your keywords in your website name?

Understand this one item now, and it will amaze you later on, how quickly your site will rank with google and other search engines for your keywords.

With modern updates and changes in Google’s algorithm this is now much more important than many people believed before. As SEO is a vast subject in its self any natural boost to your site has got to be a good decision on your behalf for your site rankings when you go live. See here for further reading on this subject…

Domain Name;  this is going to be your website name, (like in the real world your shop name on the high street,) Here are some of the most popular domain name registrar services, Go Daddy, NameCheap, 123-reg and you will see many options available to you to choose from?

You pick your main domain name, followed by one of the top 3 extensions, you should go for a .com, .net or .org.

The .com should be your first choice if available?

Web Hosting services; this is where your website is stored available for visitors to view 24/7/365 days a year? no holidays here…! Like in the real world this is your shop real estate, your land foot print along the high street.

Here again you have many choices of website hosting companies to chose from, like HostGator, A2 hosting, BlueHost and FatCow Hosting to name a few.

To start off, you pick a  good niche or subject, from this you can select a good long-tail keyword or phrase, usually 3 to 5 words is good. You can go to Google search bar and see what combination of your key words come up automatically, under the search bar as you are typing in your key words? As these word combinations have recently been searched for by other people, the results are what is termed as ;

Alphabet Soup Technique!

Here is an example of this technique in action?Google Search Alphabet Soup

You will see that as you type various words appear, these results are what others have searched for recently! Just change or add one letter at a time to view the results, hence the name alphabet soup!

Low Hanging Fruit!

Let’s have a look at this technique, you see it is also available from the Google instant search bar?

You aim to get to No.1 position in the Google search results and this can be achieved fast, if you can pick a good keyword that has little or no competition. This gives you easy to obtain high rankings with some keywords, hence the name of Low Hanging Fruit. If you can include some of these keywords in a post then you are almost guarantee to go to the No. 1 position in Google.

Low Hanging Fruit keywords; will help you accomplish this. They have almost ZERO competition (all with less than 20 competing pages) in Google and they will take minimal work to rank…typically you just have to create the content and the rankings will happen…?

Make a start with building your new website

Google at it’s best Work

Following on from your result;  you then choose a rich keyword domain name, a dot com or dot org, are the best to own and are the favourite choice for the search engines to follow and index.

Which means your website can get ranked higher and faster in the top search engines results.

Now, where or how do I do that, I hear you say…? Well, right here at, you can be connected up in seconds from now, to the best keyword technology in the world, to give you great keyword results in a few minutes even for a newbie? This program can do your task in minutes, so you do not have to research for days or weeks before you get those top keywords that you require for your project?

Keywords and how to get them?

You can find them here with –  Jaaxy

There are other programs out there that do a good job for you in collecting Keywords? If you want to get the best results for your niche keywords fast and select a great domain name, then I highly recommend this program Jaaxy.

Great domain names are also suggested form your selection of keywords within this program. Even better than that, it is done on the same line of keywords that you have selected?

All this is done for you with a few mouse clicks, along with a lot of other statistics on your selection that you would not find out about in a week of Sundays if you are new to the internet? To get the full use of this program, just sign up and get the first 30  keyword searches for your project FREE….!

YES, 30 Searches for free…!

For the best high valued Keywords.

The best Key-Word program on the market.

So you have your niche keyword, and generated your best matched domain name!

From here you can set up your website in under ONE minute… WOW and that is for a newbie?

Bet you are paying attention now!

 How is this possible!

Well back in the day when websites were hand built with html code for each item, tested and run, changed and re-run, it took ages…? Yes; ask anybody who has done it? History lesson over…!

We now have automated technology to thank for this leap forward. Now we use the world’s most widely used website framework, called WordPress. The fact is; this website was built using WordPress. It is so user friendly anybody can build a website with it because it uses (CMS) , Content Management Systems. Technology..! more of that new stuff?

OK, so what are the advantages of using WordPress?

  1. It is very easy to install
  2. Over 1500 free website templates
  3. Lots of support and help available
  4. 1000’s of plugin features for easy use of increased website functions
  5. Oh Yes! Not a word about HTML code…
  6. Never do this alone, join a great community

With free training for your very own website build, you also get 2 free website to start and practice with. Before going on to creating the website you really need to build, for your online business. You get the very best of training, starting with the basics and all the tools and help you need, to complete the build of your site correctly.

Would you like to start out with two free websites now; hosted on one of world’s top WordPress platforms?

Look here! I am going to do you a favour right NOW ?

Try out your domain name here for free and start one of your own free websites on SiteRubix builder now? Let me know how you get on, you have nothing to loose, only sign in and off you go, no costs whatsoever to have your 2 free websites setup and running  in the shortest time you can imagine ?

Let me hand you the tools to do this right here, in the next few minutes you can have your own 2 free website up and running live?

 Everyone needs a free website, right! with Wealthy Affiliate + is the best place to get started.

All for free that is zero $..?

Try it now for 7 days free of charge…!

With a great community of 10’s of 000’s to help you out if you every get stuck along the way, just ask the question and you get lots of answers. You know we humans like company and for that reason and among others we thrive better in a group or community, which means you can belong to a tribe of like minded business people, who want to succeed in business.

Here you also get free website hosting, and tools, with all the lessons you need to go from start-up to completion of your website. Build it as fast as you progress through each step of training along your way. There is no better place you can go to and know in your heart, that this is the best place to attend, to start and build your new website business for success.

With the best online tools available for you to go on to build a world class professional website. With multi purpose tools for keyword research and more, are all available to help you get on the right track, to help you make money from an early stage in your niche as you create your project. Join this great community of like minded people, who also want to make an online business or home income.

It’s all here for you to start as soon as you are ready, why not give it a try today and sign up? you deserve it, do it now!

Just Click here to start your new business for free!

You get a World Leading program, to help you achieve your dream of building a great website with all the tools and requirements you need right here!

Training, Support, Tools and Services – Wealthy Affiliate continues to define the online education and training world with a unique and cutting edge platform built specifically to create success.

Get trained, get answers, build your business and accelerate your success.

Thank you for reading my post;

Please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends… I hope you will call back soon.

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  1. Patrick Post author

    Hello Teresa,
    We can help and guide anybody that just wants that extra piece of information before going into create their first website. For a newbie there are so many unanswered questions, about everything…?
    One only needs to read through the articles that are here to get a real head start in building your own website business.
    Kind regards,

  2. Teresa

    If you are just getting started, NetTalkMatters knows what they are talking about! I never would have known about all the little tips and tricks with SEO and Keywording without them. They even walk you through setting up payment methods on your site and how to choose the best one! If you’re new and trying to find out look no further!

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