How To Select Your Best Domain Names

By | July 20, 2015

How to select your best domain names

Most site owners may not realize the importance of choosing the right domain name. Since it is considered to be a direct form of marketing a site, the name that is selected should be based on a specific strategy or technique instead of choosing a name that is simply available to them.

Because choosing a domain name is similar to selecting a company name, it requires the individual or group to put a lot of thought and consideration into making the best choice.

It is also important to note that the domain name for an individual or an organization is its identity on the Internet. Therefore, prospective site owners should make sure that they are choosing a name that will not only fit a specific type of business, but will also make it very easy for everyone to find.

The right name will also help the individual or company to promote their blog, forum, products or their services. Regardless to the circumstances, here’s 9 tips and recommendations on how to select your best domain names that people should review as they make their choice.

  1. Domain Names Should be Easy to Type

Though some people may not think about it, the name that is chosen should be easy to type. Sometimes site owners may use slang words when they are making their selection.

While this may be appropriate in some circles, this is not always the best route to take when choosing a domain name.

In fact, most professionals will steer their clients away from slang because it makes it much harder for people to find.

For instance, the site owner should make sure that they are using express instead of xpress or you instead of u.

  1. Target Your Area

When the business is targeting their services and products to one local area, the site owner should make sure that they are considering including the state and city that they are servicing.

By including these names specifically, it makes it much easier for the right target group to find and identify the site. It is also easier for people to recall because this type of name makes it distinct. Example: or

  1. Make the Name Memorable

Because site owners will also find that there are millions of domain names that have already been registered, it is important for every owner to make sure that the names that they select are memorable.

This part of the process can be accomplished by selecting a name that is catchy and exemplifies the products or services offered.

Once the site owner has selected a name that they think will work, it should be shared with close friends and family to make sure that the name makes sense and is also appealing to others.

  1. React Quickly

Because these names are unique and can only be selected once, it is essential for the site owner to act quickly. Which means, as soon as the right name has been decided upon, the name should be registered as quickly as possible so that no one else can reserve it for their idea?

  1. Incorporate Specific Keywords

When selecting a name that can be used for the site, it also essential to use keywords in this kind of process. The keywords that should be chosen will describe the type of business and services offered.

For instance; if the site owner is choosing a domain name for a plumbing services company, they may want to use the name or other keywords that people may enter when they are performing a search for this kind of service.

By choosing the right type of keywords, it will also help with improving the site’s ranking on the major search engines. The increase in ranking is crucial for these types of situations since it results in more visitors been driven to the site on a regular and ongoing basis.

  1. Use the Best Domain Name Extension for the Organization

Extensions are just like suffixes and it identifies the completion of the address. For instance, .COM or .NET is two common suffixes that visitors will need to know and use. Because these suffixes have specific purposes, the owner of the site will need to do their research so that they will understand which one will work best for their services or products.

The information that these site owners will normally find includes the following; .co is used as either the abbreviation for a company, commerce, or community, while .info is used for all kinds of informational sites.

In some cases, a site owner may choose more than one suffix so that their competitors will not have the freedom to use it in order to confuse the business’ customers.

  1. Hyphens and Numbers Should Be Avoided

In some cases, people will do virtually anything to further distinguish their sites by using hyphens and numbers.

Even though this may sound like a good idea, it’s normally not, since they are often misunderstood and difficult to remember when they are part of the official domain name. Best practice would be to avoid them altogether as your chosen domain name.

  1. Do the Research

Sometimes people tend to jump right in when they know that they are getting ready to start a new business venture, blog, or forum, which means, they may not do any research.

However, for those who want to be successful in their endeavour’s, they will need to take the time out to do the research. To prevent in legal battles for the future, the name that is selected should be free of copyrights and trademarks.

  1. Keep the Name Short

Less is better. So, it is important for site owners to keep the name that is chosen short.

Simply stated, if the name that the organization chooses is long and complicated, the customer will normally have problems typing it in for a wide variety of reasons including misspelling it, every time that they try to enter it?

Because people do not like to waste time or become frustrated, they may choose to go to other sites that they can easily type in without having to recall long names.

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4 thoughts on “How To Select Your Best Domain Names

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Teresa,
    People forget that newbies are not formilary with how things work or are set up here on the internet.
    Yes; I try to give help through information and tips where I can, I know from feed back that many people have found my website useful to them. The selection of a good domain name is most important.

    Kind regards,


  2. Patrick Post author

    Hello Teresa,
    Very nice of you to take the time out to make this good comment. Yes for a newbie there is a lot to take in at first as there is so much information and it takes a lot of time to do this. When all you want to do at that time is get going on your new website build.

  3. Teresa

    These are great tips! Thank you. It can be overwhelming to get started and it’s more difficult than you might think to choose the best domain name. I hadn’t given much thought to the extension of the name, but it is a great point!

  4. Teresa

    These are great tips! Thank you. It can be overwhelming to get started and it’s more difficult than you might think to choose the best domain name. I hadn’t given much thought to the extension of it, but it is a great point! Thinking of it as a strategy really helped, too.

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