Keywords and How to Get Them

By | February 1, 2017

Keywords and How to Get ThemUsing the best keywords motivates search engines to move your website up the search ranking ladder. But, how do you find the best ones for your site? Search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms seem to be revised almost weekly. While major search engines do not change their variables quite that fast, there have been significant revisions in recent years.

First Page Rankings

Those of you who have tried to achieve first page rankings for years (since the early 1990s) remember when your content ranked highly using “keyword stuffing.” The more times your keyword appeared, the higher your page rank, even if your content became awkward. Those days are gone, but you still must know good keywords and how to get them.

Five Keyword Choice Benefits

You’ll see more traffic at your website.

Good keywords will drive more visitors to your website, which is what startup businesses need to become self-sustaining and successful.

Using good specific keyphrases maximizes page rankings.

Seldom is it effective to “overthink” your keyword choices. Just focus on what you sell and to whom do you sell them. Your keywords should reflect what you do and your customer preferences.

Specific keywords will improve your page ranks with your customers.

Avoiding so-called “vanity” root keywords, will deliver more of the “right” traffic to your website. For example, if you sell exotic pets, you should stay away from the keyword “pets,” as it’s too broad to be successful and faces stiff competition from national pet companies that sell everything from basic dog and cat food to a zillion accessories for domesticated pets. You’ll get closer to your target audience if your keyword specifies one big seller, e.g., lizards.

Enjoy the benefits of the Google Wonder Wheel.

This is one of the best kept keyword secret tools, but you might love it. Even if you are transfixed by vanity keywords, the Wonder Wheel will return data that’s pertinent to creating winning content strategies, e.g., customer ratings and reviews.

Repetition has big value.

There has long been a heated debate on the benefits (or harm) of repeating keywords. Some SEO gurus recommend you vary your keyphrases slightly while using the same root keyword. An equal number of SEO experts believe you get the same value in repeating your keyphrase. Whether you choose to vary or use the same keyword repetitively, you’ll receive benefits – but no “keyword stuffing” please.

Keyword Resources

Keyword software can help you when you’re unsure of the best keywords to use. Many of these keyword tools are free to use. They are predominantly data heavy and display the most popular search terms that ‘Net surfers use when looking for specific items. That’s also probably why some of the best are free, since the software is not exotic, a database that totals search parameters.

Google Keyword Planner

Google, being the most popular search engine, offers this new tool, which replaces their always popular Keyword Tool. Although Google took away some of the best features of Keyword Tool, this new tool can be combined with the next software to learn what you need to know.

Google Trends

This software encourages you to enter multiple keywords and locations. It offers simple metrics that track search history and categories of searches. You’ll learn the competition for your favorite keywords and what keywords are generating the most traffic.


This tool is very basic, providing a list of keyword suggestions to those you already favor. You can use this information to fuel your creativity, particularly for blog posts. You must know effective keywords and how to get them.

These are the best free keyword tools. Sometimes, you may want to use a less popular keyword, since the competition for page ranks is less. If you’re niche is highly specific this may result in a higher page ranking than using a very popular keyword.

Typically, the paid keyword tools offer more research reports.

For example; Term Explorer ($34 per month) can give you thousands of keyword variations you might use.

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