Never Stop Tweaking Your Website

By | February 5, 2016

Further Tweaks Carried Out..!

After doing some more tweaks on my website with a view to increasing my Page Speed?

I carried out a test today the 4th Feb 2016 and you can see from the screen capture below taken with Open SEO Stats, that this tweaking has improved the page speed.

This is all good news…!

I am now very pleased with this result and over the next few months I’ll keep an eye on this SEO factor, some say that this will give another small push to the SERP’s from Google.

This can only be another improvement for my website ranking, which is now at “O” rank on the toolbar, not a “?” mark which it was from the day that I created this website.

This just confirms that you should never stop tweaking your website until you are happy with the results.

I Found Similar Great Results

I am so pleased that this result is not a one off instants, so I have done tests from other computers and found a similar result, this is all down to the good training found here at WA and the help I have received here in the community thanks to those that have helped me to get this far with my progress.

Like to know what I’ve done to achieve this Page Speed…?

Well that is for another post coming soon… keep watching my friends.

It would be very interesting to see if others where to get a result close to this from around the world…?

Never Stop Tweaking Your Website

If anybody where to do this test and leave a comment below for us all to see, I would be grateful.

Page Speed now faster for NTM 4Feb2016


I must say that this speed is faster than anything I have seen here before, can it be realy thru.

Thank you for reading my post;

Please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends…

I hope you will call back soon.


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