One Strategy for Building an Email List

By | May 27, 2016

One Strategy for Building an Email ListMaking money online is not as difficult as most people think. All that is required of you is to be conversant with these strategies and their application. This one strategy for building an email list is to make a financial breakthrough in the returns you can gain from the quality of the list you build.

Building An Email List

This strategy is vital in any online business. It is a major step in symbolising financial freedom in your business. It enables you to make good long term returns in your finances after you have done your split testing of ads, optin form wording you use?

Where to position it on your page for best results, to accomplish your goal of the highest conversion rates possible in your list building efforts.

Building a list can be done in different ways; first off, leads purchased from list building companies are not recommended…!

Having an optin form built for this job, where prospects can fill in their E-mail address on your website. From here they are collected into your auto responder software directly in exchange for an EBook, Report or Software that is useful to the visitor, this item is sent for FREE  to each person that signs up.

Choose a Great Auto Responder

An Auto responder system is application software that is highly needed in building a list. It is a very important dynamic requirement of your overall business development. In this endeavour any serious webmaster will only use one of the better Auto-Responder companies that are readily available.

These Auto Responder companies can also help you with your list building program! Where you can draw on their vast experience as they know the up to date trends that are working best at the moment, to make your business most profitable.

By using an auto responder efficiently can also have good benefits for you as it will reduce your stress levels and saves you time as it handles your customers in their different positions in your various sales funnels across many products and services you may have on offer at any one time.

Whether you have a few or many sales funnels in operation at the same time in your business, an auto responder will carry out your pre-programed messages diligently.

Making communication with all your customers in a timely fashion as you have instructed it to do so, regardless of where they are in your supply chain…!

Organic Online Traffic

Another method of building your list is via free organic online traffic; that is, the number of people that visit your website may come from many different traffic sources. This is a very effective method that is utilized by many website owners, where they use social media from many platforms to create links direct to your website.

Google see’s this as good for your business so it will naturally give you increased juice and improve your page ranking. Back this up with investing in Google Adwords, paid traffic, Solo Ads and you are on to a winner.

You can also send traffic to an affiliate URL, if your affiliate program offers a list management service, but be aware; overall this will dilute your list building efforts…? I personally do not recommend this method, because you will be unable to send your email offers in the future to the whole of your list and hope to get the expected results.

The Strategic Placement of Your Sign-up Form

How to make the best waves by having tremendous sign-ups? Has to do with your strategic placement on your sales page of your opt-in form and the key words you use on it…?

Best results are found by raising an issue or problem that is presented in your sales page! So by your visitor opting-in, you will give them in return whatever it is they require to solve their problem immediately

For Example:

How to build your website fast…? You can use our new Website Templates, or build your own website the long way…?

Many people are turned off by the myth put out that building a website is very difficult to do.

Some webmasters have stated that it is hard to do, but I can show you how easy it really is, even for a newbie.

Take my 10 day Email course “Build a Website with Ease”… now, you have sloved their problem!

Follow Up & Back-End Sales

When using your auto responder to send out follow-up emails, make the title of your auto responder email series catchy. Tell a story to put across your point to your audience. This fact alone works wonders, as people are curious by nature and like to read to the end.

By placing a couple of links to you offers, through out your emails seems to work very well?

Later, you can send out, other relevant niche offers in your emails, to your new subscriber list and once they know and trust you, they will have no problem in buying from you in the future.

This One Strategy for Building an Email List;

  • This is what makes so many Internet Marketers; GREAT…?
  • It has got to be worth trying out
  • So many marketers fail to carry out this simple prosses
  • They loose money by not building their Email list
  • Worse still they fail to make any money and give up
  • So be aware and start to build up your list ASAP.

And there you have it…!

Thank you for reading my post;

Please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends… I hope you will call back soon.

2 thoughts on “One Strategy for Building an Email List

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Eugenia,
    Yes it is best to have your visitors sign up on your own website and join your list, that way they know that they signed up for your information goods and services.
    This is the best way for all and you can then keep in contact them on a regular basis.

  2. Eugenia

    I love this article, it talk about everything you need to be successfull in your business, emailing list is a great way of showcasing your business, emailing is a great weapon you need, it works for you effordlessly, you update your customers daily, sending offer, new product. Years ago this system was only available for big businesses, but now anyone can tap into this gold mine and take their business to another level, its a great strategy everyone need it, very cost effestive as well, just don’t buy any cheap list though, organic emailing list will always be your best deal!

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