Rank Good With Your Website

By | October 16, 2014

Rank Good With Your Website


Google at it’s best Work


The question everybody askes is, how do you manage to rank good with your website ? That of course means how do you get your website on to the 1st page of Google search results.


As Google is the largest in this field of activity and many other search engines follow or use Google search results for their own. This process is generally called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The Use of Webmaster Tools

You sign up and use the free Webmaster Tools from Google, Bing and Yahoo as they are the largest out there, to help you harness the full power of your website from deep behind the scenes. The top two is Google and Bing, to get you started on this job where you can track your visitors, where they come from and how long they stay on your site and a whole lot more information is available from these tools.

Picking good Keywords

Picking good Keywords before you get your domain is a great way to start off. Now understanding how to use Keywords more effectively in your content will by it self give your website a boost and a natural organic lift in your rankings. Keeping your best content relevant and with good quality keywords worked into the structure  of your posts or articles will help to move your website to the top spot. This success is the real gem that all webmasters hope to achieve in the fastest time possible  that they can manage.

The business of how to rank good with your website

In recent times this business model has mushroom into many extensive competitive enterprises for the big companies in this industry, as they are spending millions of $’s on this subject. That is to make sure that their websites are in or near the top spot of the search engines results. This is a business sector in it self as they manage to successfully keep their websites in front of the viewing public 24-7×365 days a year. So what will it cost to get and keep your website at the top?

Well a lot I here you say!

That is correct, and it is in this field of activity that large sums of money are paid out each month to ensure that the big companies stay and hold there position at or near the top all the time, regardless of what changes that are made to the search engines algorithms.

If you were a larger company making goods or services for a global market place? What would you spend, to make sure that your products were viewed by the largest possible group of people that search the internet  for products similar to what you supply?

To give you an idea of what is at stake here, look at the charges that this one company in the SEO business actual charge to do this job. Check it out at the following link?


If your website has never had any SEO work performed on it, the initial investment may be steep. Depending on the size of your site and the kind of work desired, your initial SEO investment could range anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000! However, most initial SEO packages are a few thousand dollars, and this price could even be bundled in with the cost of additional services (for example, if you are having a new website designed at the same time)

 So there you have it?

Which leads on to the question, what are the improvements that you can carry out on your own website today? This may include many of the following items that you may wish to do, as you can fill up your pages with good content. In a short time you will be able to demonstrate that your website displays greater authority in your niche, with a larger foot print presents on internet.

How is this achieved

You can achieved this by adding more content with any or all of the following, but not necessarily in this order of priority:-

  1. Articles,
  2. Blog posts,
  3. Videos,
  4. Audio,
  5. Power Point slide shows,
  6. Animated Videos,
  7. Photographs,
  8. Images.

Good content is the “King” in your website, so aim high and make it optimised using the best free tools available. You then release new or updated content to your website 2 or 3 times a week, at the same time you make connections to all your social media platforms stating that you have released new content with links back to the original article, blog or video on your website.

You now have a far reaching audience, that will also like and share your content links. From here you could be one of the lucky ones that gets an item on your website that may go viral, you can then reap the rich rewards from your efforts for a long time afterwards.

The All in One & Yoast SEO WP plugins

Rank good with your website SEO Research.

The All in One and Yoast SEO WP plugins are free and great to help you get started in optimising your website. These are just two that fit this requirement straight out of the box.

They will help you improve your written content ranking, with the use of keywords and meta descriptions. All this involves making changes to the copy and structure of your site, so improving it for both users experience and search engines. The result are, your website is seen by more eyes and that leads to more sales.

With these plugins you get to know where to change content matter as you write and check it out as you go along. This way you make the changes that craft your good content, that helps you get better rankings with your own website creations from the beginning !

In their systems you do not need to tick all the boxes, as a large part of this work is done for you automatically. You may discover as you work through the different areas in your website that may need further work to comply with good SEO practice, so testing is always an ongoing task. The main thing here is to get started and do great content optimisation on your own website with these tools for free.

The great statement “that Rome was not built in a day”, could be applied to your website? Do what you can and put it up on your website, then come back and tweak it many times if you need to, so make your creation the best you can.


I look forward to hearing of your online success.

Thank you for reading my post;

Please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends… I hope you will call back soon.

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  1. Patrick Post author

    Yes good work here glad you got your problem sorted out and your website is up and running again

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  3. Patrick Post author

    Hi Gary,
    Glad to be of help, as this one point is very important to me for all my visitors..!
    Even from the competition this is a great complement.
    Thank you, I wish you success in your own business.

  4. Gary

    Thanks for the great SEO info and I really enjoy the rest of the site as well.

    The line of “Rome not being built in a day”, certainly applies to any sort of legitimate
    online business presence.
    I also enjoyed your keys to success.

    Keep up the awesome job, my best,


  5. Patrick Post author

    Hi Olive,
    Thank you for an honest opinion of my review.
    I hope you can take and make use of the information that you found interesting.
    Best wishes to your success.

  6. Olive

    Great site full of interesting and honest information. Looking forward to reading more.

  7. Patrick Post author

    Hello John,
    Yes, Yes, but you get 30 free searches to start with, and when you have wrote up all of those keywords you will have a lot of content on your site then. Now you should be ready to go to the next level and Jaaxy is your man? 🙂
    But there are other free tools to also work with until the magic moment arrives for you.
    Thanks for your comment, and I like your business ideas…!

  8. John

    Great lay out to help with SEO for a new website. All this and not a penny out of pocket unless you wanted to join Jaaxy.

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