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By | March 23, 2016

Resources Secrets That Will Help Your Online Business

It is my intention to add new and helpful videos as I continue to develop & expand this page as a useful video training resource to assist webmasters in their SEO work. I have used these resource secrets for myself on this very website.

I also took on-board any other relevant information that I could apply to build up my knowledge to gain good SEO practice in building this website.

I shall add further training resources here, as and when I find good videos that will help you to develop your website business.

The new name for Google webmasters, is Search Console, from here you can find a wealth of information to help you with your website work. This is a thriving subject for Google and a great recourse for all webmasters to at lease view and see what Google have provided here to use for free.

Some great tools are available for any webmasters that choose to make use of them, whether for them selves or their companies. Google have thoroughly supplied great tools here to help anybody that has an interest in SEO for their business.

With so much knowhow and guidelines given for free, that can be use to achieve good website practice for all website builders to make good use off.

Click on the link below:-

Welcome to the Search Console Help Center

It is very important to activate and verify your website with the free Google tools at an early stage, to help your website get better ranked in Google searches as early as possible.
See what Google has on it’s Webmasters Training Page:-

Intro to Webmaster Academy

Thinking about creating a website? Great! Webmaster Academy has the information and tools to teach you how to create a site and have it found in Google Search.

Who should take Webmaster Academy?
Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving their website can take it. Whether you’re a business increasing your web presence or a photographer putting together an online portfolio, we can help you get started.

Some Steps You Need To Do To Improve Your Website Visibility On The Internet

Now you are ready to go to the next important step of SEO work, all this information is free for you to use on your website right now. When you have done this work on your own website you will be in a very strong position to get high natural organic SERP’s.

What does SERP stand for?

Search Engine Result Position

Okay, when you put a keyword or phase into the Google search bar and press enter, you are taken to the results page. The position of your website on this page is going to be very important for you to get your information out there to your visitors.

If you have what these viewers want now, then they could become your customers as these people will bookmark your site or mention it among their friends. They may even like, or tweet your site in their social media sites, all this is good for your website popularly.

So the better your viewing visitors experiences are on your site, then the better your site will rank in the SERPs.

Here is an example what I mean..?

I have done a search in Google, in a browser private window, JUST what can you expect from good on page SEO…?

“SERP’s have my website on the first page of Google, I am in 4 out of the first 5 positions..?

Now that is not all I wish to draw your attention too! But the fact, that these results are from 40.4 MILLION other webpage results. Is this a good result…!

So could you achieve this? of course you can..?

Like to know where you get this kind of training…! with top placed results like this.

Resource Secrets

Google Search Results For Net Talk Matters


Some people find it hard to grasp this fundamental concept in their early days of their website development! But once they get the importance of this, then they will do everything possible to help get their website to the best SERP’s they can.

So how does Google’s search engine know what a good visitors experience really is on your website?

That is easy for Google as they monitor the results of all website visitors..!

If a new visitor arrives at your website, the search engine will know where they came from, how long they stayed, which page they viewed the longest, and if they just clicked away after a short time, plus many other factors are taken into account.

Now if your visitor likes your content or subject matter, they stay for a longer time on your site!

Then if many other visitors do something similar, they must be having a good user experience on your website and Google will reward your site’s position and ranking accordantly in the search engine results position.

The higher your website is ranked the more natural it is to expect more viewers to look at your information, products or services you provide. From here you are now in a strong position to have more visitors to your website to become customers, more customers means more money for you.

So you may be thinking it’s a one off …. not likely…!

Another example, this time from Bing Search Results, what do you think it may show…?

Resource Secrets

Bing Search Results For Net Talk Matters


As you see from 15.1 MILLION other results…?

I have the top position, are you asking, this can not be correct…? well you better believe it.

So, this puts my website in the top money making position.

A GOAL we all aim to achieve and hold for as long as possible.

Two other major players in this mysterious puzzle, is Domain Name & KEYWORD selection.

 WebMasters & Website SEO

Here are further great tips and information for webmasters on website SEO. Practice these techniques and you will make good progress with your website creation and ranking results.

When you do a web search in Google

Here Matt Cutts speak about what happens when you do a web search in Google?

What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes?

This is very interesting from one of the top men in this field of SEO work, some may say he is the ONLY MAN…!

See what he has to say here?

How you can use this information to your Advantage

Matt states is views of google and its business and how you can use this information to your advantage in building your website.

Thank you for viewing, please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends…

I hope you will call back soon.

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