The Coffee Shop Millionaire

By | March 10, 2015

Coffee Shop Millionaire – All Inclusive Review

Name:  Coffee Shop Millionaire


Price: $37? per month + upsells,  May get a $10 discount on the day?

Owners: Anthony Trister

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points.

The Product:-

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

The Coffee Shop Millionaire, “with its name shorten to CSM”! This program is for newbies by covering all the basics required to get started in internet marketing, many good lessons and training modules are laid out to get you started in this program.

I am always very alert when I see “millionaire” mention in the name, it sets off alarm bells in my head. Now here comes the big statement that the student see’s before anything else, I call it the mind game? This is the “KEY” that new users always see first in there minds, although they may not realise it at the time, it sets users expectations so high before they have even joined up to the program.

Take a close look, and listen to the sales introduction video, now long is it? Really, that long! YES, now have you ever asked yourself this one question, why this might be so…? Mind games, to get you to part with your hard earned money. Yes sir…! It is so long that the timer may run down to ZERO, but Anthony keeps on talking.

He is a good salesman but that is no guarantee that the program is as good as he states, for a new student to internet marketing. While Heather pops up to say her piece as well, with a $10 reduction, so making it today only – a cost of $27. Now how could a newbie to any business, just go in and sit down in your local Coffee Shop and sit there for hours on end? And expect to make money, from your laptop, or any coffee shop anywhere in the world? If you did, you would expect someone to offer you a coffee after a short while, in the video did you see any action like that occur…!

Is this program a paradigm, of Anthony’s proven skills?

Lets now look at the Pros & Cons of this program as offered.


  • The monthly investment initially is relatively low unlike most programs that cost an arm and a leg.
  • The site is reasonably upfront concerning one’s earning potential in reality and the work load involved. This is an honest move that prepares the user from the start, that work has got to be done.


  • A GURU launch is what resulted in all the positive reviews that can be found online currently?
  • There are several additional expenses that are unseen and have to be paid every month. These aren’t clearly stated at first and one ends up stumbling on them after they have acquired the program.
  • The reality about the earning potential is far from that of the millionaire level. The site name isn’t typical for the said level, not even for the members who are most successful.
  • There is no mentoring or support whatsoever given to members.
  • Online buyers have launched very many complaints making it hard for the new member to not have their doubts.
  • The training process isn’t up to date with the internet’s current state.
  • Once one has made the first payment, more upsells follow and this series can be so infuriating for a new member to go through for the very first time.

Who Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire Program, Intended For?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire program is intended for and marketed to all at whatever level. Each module is reviewed often as the need arises to ensure a lesson is better understood. The real work starts soon after this. It isn’t a program that is completely hands-off so those seeking such can expect a lot of disappointment. There isn’t an active community in their back office either and so anyone who hopes to find people they can network with and get support is in for a rude awakening.

During your training, there is the assumption that the new student has a knowledge of internet marketing. This product isn’t geared for a complete newbie. In the training and tools, there are 12 training modules which cover information needed to start off. There are also videos with additional information and the site community & communication forums that allow the asking of specific questions, that go unanswered, is not good for anybody, lease of all a newbie?

This product initially claims that one gets a cheat sheet outlining a system that can earn them $21K in a few weeks without having their own product or list? This seems nearly impossible, as those who’ve had online success in affiliate marketing, would be hard pushed to get this kind of income even in a few months! The training has an entire section dedicated to cash machines covering topics like local economy, article submission, video marketing and email marketing.

Every marketing technique is valid but they are rather too vague leaving out so much that it gets hard implementing a successful campaign. Other than the standard options for customer support which are email and phone for prospective and current members, the CSM program claims that it features an active and robust community which is informative and supportive. The irony is that some really elementary questions have gone unanswered in the community.

Anyone who receives response through email support is quite lucky. Their Facebook page is full of unanswered complaints thus showing signs of untimely and limited support.


The standard price for monthly membership for CSM support and training is $37. One is asked to upgrade immediately to a product known as the “Six Figure Success Club” which goes for a whopping $297.

Most gurus are known to use this marketing tactic where they know they already have attained the attention of the buyer and their money too.

CSM uses lower prices at the front to entice people and they later have to pay more for products at the back end. A monthly investment of $37 quickly turns into $334 even before one gains access to the membership area.

This price isn’t inclusive of costs for domain acquisition, or hosting of your website, or the creation and these are all important when using this program. You are told to purchase hosting straight away and this costs over $100 depending which hosting plan you go for?

By now the total amount is up to $434 before going any further…?

Anyone who isn’t a fan of crooked upsell tactics won’t be amused and will have no reason to smile.

Going through online reviews of this program, an innocent prospective buyer is bound to come across endless reviews that are positive and full of hype. Not every review is bent on honesty so there should be vigilance among users…!

Most of these happen to be partners of CSM, who most likely haven’t laid their eyes on it or even attempted to use it. These individuals are part of a larger guru circle and they promote products for each other to bring in more sales for themselves.

They boost each other to succeed and not the struggling buyer who is risking their hard earned money. Thus, newbies are taken in by the cost and sales pitch, who now hope that they got a great affiliate marketing program to work with, and look forward to making real money online, only to be let down, when the training never quite gets them to making the big money.


Most keyword searches online lead directly to this similar lengthy video through which one is forced to sit and watch or walk away from the whole annoyance of non information. Watching the whole video doesn’t provide that many answers either just a few hints here and there. It isn’t for the impatient though?


The training itself isn’t that bad but it mostly offers little training in the details to enable creation of revenue as one would expect.


An important aspect for any business or program these days is proper member or client support, is likely to result in many disgruntled customers. The CMS group and support are unsatisfactory to say the least.


The Coffee Shop Millionaire is not a good program overall for newbies! It has sales techniques that are ruthless and with little or no support given to the beginner who might still not get all of the modules and other training tools necessary to fulfil his requirements.

Coffee Shop Millionaire at a Glimpse!

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire Website:

Price: $37 per month + upsells,  May get a $10 discount on the day?

Owner: Anthony Trister

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100.

Is this program LEGIT or SCAM!

Normally this program would just scrap through in my book as borderline..! But is that in itself enough to make it really feel and taste LEGIT  No!  With the pressure for further upsells that follow the purchase of your monthly fees, and the poor support rates.

I could not accept it, as a fully Legit program?

Therefore; my final conclusion is it’s a SCAM!

Coffee Shop Millionaire


Thank you for reading my review;

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Author: Patrick

About me; Some years ago I started looking out for an easier way to make some extra income. As I had plans, to make long traveling trips around the world and still make an income from my experiences. Then, along comes the banking situation, anybody heard of that…? :-(

10 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop Millionaire

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Darren,
    I like your comment and your own website.
    Looks like you have the same good sense as myself to chose the best affiliate program on the market, WA…!
    I am glad that you agree with me, that the CSM program is not what it really says it is!
    This is what catches out many people and not till they have spent a lot of money, do they realise it is not going to cut the ice for them in affiliate marketing.
    Big mistake…? as they should join Wealthy Affiliate in the first place to get the best training and free website hosting while they are members. What more could you ask for…!
    Best wishes and success in your business,

  2. Patrick Post author

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your sound approval of WA.
    It is the best for this kind of training as the large numbers of people that join are living proof.
    Best success in your business,

  3. Patrick Post author

    Hello Milos,
    Great comment, thanks for your reply.
    I agree with you on this one, there is nothing as good as Wealthy Affiliate.
    It must have got you going in the right direction.

  4. Patrick Post author

    Hi Helen,
    I hear what you are saying, thanks for your comment.
    Yes; you will go far to get anything near the value and quality of the lessons and training that’s available at WA.
    In this affiliate business many set out to get your money and can be very inventive to create a system so they can collect your money.
    But give little in return for it?
    There are many scams about, and we all need to be aware of them.

  5. Patrick Post author

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    You found no support! well that proves my point and confirms it is a scam.
    So it also just goes to show that everybody needs to do their own research, and like my review you will find honest people that tell you how it really is.
    Kind regards,

  6. Darren

    Hi Brian. I did make a research in CSM too. I was so confused about CSM is a scam or legit. But, finally the verdict against CSM in my review is borderline scam. To be honest, I could not accept the system of CSM at all neither. Thanks for your review about CSM. It is very helpful for me:)

  7. Brian Smith

    Great Review and comp with A Great Program in Wealthy Affiliate. I would definitely sign up with Wealthy Affiliate based on the information given here.

  8. milos

    Very interesting compare between WealthyAffiliate and shop Milionare, I would say , nothing is like WA, since I started learn and work in WA, it changed everything my life.

    Wish you the BEST.

  9. Helen

    Certainly covers everything. As a WA member I have become sceptical of any other program.

  10. Bob

    Hi Patrick, I joined CSM several years ago and I have to say you are right on the money except for one fact. There is no support as they claim! The only person I was able to talk to was a person in India and she had no idea what to say. I even tweeted with trister a few times and got no help. People need to be aware that it is a scam no matter what they say.

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