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By | July 14, 2018

Wealthy AffiliateThis is an online community for creating and growing a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a training website it’s more than just a marketing niche.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program created to bring internet marketers together who make profit from marketing millions of products on the internet. Now this is what holes the true key to the subject of this article, Wealthy Affiliate Knowledge…

Take for instance a well-designed product say online training for students, and the school wanted this product to reach the entire world.

Instead of using one single outlet to market these products, they invite affiliate marketers who carry out what we call affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Say for instance ‘Mr. A’ signs up with this online school as an affiliate marketer, and his identity number is ‘1056’! On the condition that if he brings a customer or visitor to sign up for any of the programs. ‘Mr. A’ will be paid $2.

If eventually, ‘Mr. A’ is able to bring just about 1457 visitors who sign up for the program, he is entitled to 1457 x $2 = $2914.

It’s purely a commission based system of marketing for everyone.

Wealthy affiliate can be a good start-up for beginners and experienced as well. It provides the most required training support especially for any product(s) to be marketed.

The program is accessible for everyone, including those who cannot afford to pay the high prices for training elsewhere or have a limited budget.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

It’s no secret that the internet is now host to a great number of online scams that claim to make you rich in no time.

Although there are a lot of speculation as regards Wealthy Affiliate and some do ask if Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam?

There are lots of internet scams which have become real problems to real people today. Many people have become victims to acclaimed workable plans.

Which only later have failed, at great lost to these people and causing much frustration with little or nothing to show for their endeavours?

Wealthy Affiliate scam is a hoax from most of its competitors; they promote such news to discourage people from signing-up to the program.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a “SCAM”?

There is no substantial evidence of a scam or any legit complaints about Wealthy Affiliate, and as a platform bringing marketers and product owners together.

It has put up standards over the years which helps it ensure that only serious minded business people are on it.

Most complaints received about Wealthy Affiliate happen to have come from those who thought it was a joke and could not believe it was a serious business.

Wealthy Affiliate has a solid record of success over a long time.

After much study of many reviews about this business and checking up on discussions of many threads on these reviews on it, (which are mostly positive)?

Actually using its services it can be well concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely NOT a SCAM.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate University is an online business of academy training. It was launched in the early “naughties” with more than 100,000 active members that share experiences and helping each other to succeed.

It specializes in the affiliate marketing model of passive income. It has great learning, sharing and implementation tools.

It also has a self-sufficiency system to enable people promote some sites of interest like a web-page for selling a particular product.

At Wealthy Affiliate University is not a place to get rich quickly.

The user is only limited by the time and effort that they put into it, their learning capability, motivation and persistence attitude they use in the business.

Wealthy Affiliate University, although it’s not the only possible way to learn Wealthy Affiliate Marketing, but it’s probably the fastest and most convenient way of doing so.

In there you have personal support and guidance from many experienced referents or up-lines until you can stand on your own.

It’s a great place for newbies, who want to make money as an Affiliate Marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews online can’t be controlled since anyone can post anything and most of them are not well moderated.

But if one searches online, he/she will discover that a lot of people tried Wealthy Affiliate with the mindset that it was a quick money making machine.

The answer remains NO! It’s rather a system that with your knowledge on it, little time and effort, it will yield a harvest for most of which is huge.

Most wealthy affiliate reviews are from well experience people versus very inexperienced people or just speculators.

If you have come across any Wealthy Affiliate review, you will realize it is possible to make money over the internet.

If you get the right advice, knowledge, mentorship and support especially from the experienced, you will soon realise that this is one of the best training you can get.

Unfortunately, most people learn the hard way, getting scammed along the way and becoming disheartened.

The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

Most of these programs attempt to milk you dry by demanding membership fees and monthly subscriptions.

Yet they do not offer you the support you need especially when you need it.

We all know how frustrating it can be to pay for something that does not really add value to your profile or business portfolio.

At a time when formal employment continues to be just a dream for many citizens, working from home can be the solution that you need.

So here you can get that much needed break-through to help turn your financial situation around.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate can benefit you and it is the right program for you.

After doing some research about Wealthy Affiliate programs, I can say that this is really legit.

Coupled with the fact that you can enjoy a free account before going on to a paid, just to enable you to try the service if it’s worthwhile for you?

Now, there are very few internet programs that allows you to do that, this is done to assure you that it’s not a scam and that Wealthy Affiliate is legit.

The program turned 85% of all trial accounts into paid accounts, because not only are they satisfied, but they are happy the program is a legitimate way of making money online.

So again, is Wealthy Affiliate legit? Yes, its 100% legit.

Like I said before any company that will let you try their service before you spend a penny, it’s a sign that they are legitimate.

This is one of the few services in the “opportunity” space that you will ever be able to truly try out for free.

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4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Knowledge

  1. Patrick Post author

    Hi Matt,
    It’s not every day that one gets a great comment as well wrote as this one, thank you.
    I can see that you got a very good experience from reading my article, and that you have found Wealthy Affiliate a wonderful place to be.
    Yes the one to one of Kyle and Carson in the discussions really makes the icing on the cake for many that just need that extra support when it’s most needed.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for all newbies to make progress and fulfil their dream of an online business.

  2. Patrick Post author

    Hello Terry,
    Thank you for your comment and you are a man that “knows a good thing when you see one”…!
    Yes a do agree with you that it is the perfect road map.
    I hope you make great success.

  3. Matt

    In my opinion, what makes Wealthy Affiliate great is that it allows it members to pursue the online business of their dreams through any topic/niche they’d like. Although it is an option for those so inclined, nobody’s forced to promote WA like so many other services in this industry do. It doesn’t hurt that their training is top-notch and their supportive community is unmatched either. It’s not out of the ordinary for Kyle and Carson, the owners, to provide 1-on-1 support to beginners – you won’t see that with many other services.

    Overall, there’s just so much opportunity online and it’s hard to ignore. With over three billion current internet users and growing, there’s opportunity for everybody, in almost any market, to make money pursuing their dreams. A “lifestyle” business is well within reach. It’s not a get-rich-quick strategy, but a proven approach to breaking into the online space and consistently producing an income. I’ve experienced a lot of different services in the online business space, but nothing comes close to Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Terry

    Great content Patrick and absolutely agree Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online program to generating wealth. it’s not a scam. You got to try it and you know how much you enjoy and get involved in it. It’s a roadmap to success.

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