Wealthy Affiliate Review, How To Be At The Top Of The Best

Wealthy Affiliate Review, My take on it.                     

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Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Price: $0 Starter Membership

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

Who it’s for:   NewbieExpert


Introduction to my Wealthy Affiliate Review

I would like to let in on a little known secret about my wealthy affiliate review process and the affiliate training program known as Wealthy Affiliate…?

Where you get an extensive training program covering every aspect of affiliate marketing, selecting a domain name, keyword research, website building, hosting with a great backup team, who are ready to solve any problem fast.

How to write unique content, exercises to complete after each lesson and above all else a great community, who you can contact anytime of the day or night, that’ll give you wonderful support 24/7.

O’ and one other awesome aspect of this program, you can contact the owners direct and get reply’s quickly from them on any topic or subject that you may need an answer on, for your own particular question!

How do I know! You may well ask? Because I am a premium member and have gone through the ropes in pursuit of the holy grail of affiliate training and I have found it all right here…

So my Wealthy Affiliate Review is going to deliver a true first hand experience from me to you…!

Wealthy Affiliate is Good for Business

Learning how to create a successful business online and then being able to actually do it all here within the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress platform is going to allow you to take your business to the next level!

I have done a lot of research before joining up, as you may well have done for yourself and found out the hard way that there are a lot of scam programs out there attempting to do the same quality of training…? But, none of them come close… to WA?

My Top 10 Pointers that People Like with Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Get your training started, very easy to do!
  2. Get tutorial training, classroom courses and exercises, with video training on many subjects
  3. 1,000’s of wonderful community members
  4. At least 12 interactive classrooms
  5. Interactive help here for you when you need it
  6. Good Designed Websites, 2 for free
  7. Fast and secure top world class hosting
  8. Contact with Experts in this Industry
  9. Providing a spam free platform
  10. Open to everybody and free to start today

When I first started here at WA, I found tip No 10 hard to believe, because you get access to so much for no extra cost!

Yes it is hard to believe in this day and age that you can get a lot for FREE?

What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Review Experts & Leaders in WA Community

Sharing Knowledge with Experts and Leaders

Wealthy Affiliate offer a great service with a community that gives a wonderful family feel to the whole business, as you progress you can become good friends with many other people doing the same as you.

Building an online business with like minded people that are set on succeeding with getting their business set up and making money as the ultimate goal.

It really is an online paradise were you can network with experts and other online entrepreneurs to help develop your websites and your online business.

Here you learn every aspect of affiliating, and as you learn you can in turn help others to do the same by commenting on their website design and content or any other thoughts you may have that will help and guide others in their progress as you both go through the training together here at WA.


  • Very easy to get started, just sign up, and no credit card details required. It’s FREE!
  • Have your training at own pace of learning
  • 2 free LIVE websites for you when you join, how is that for value?
  • Suitable for everybody newbie or experience marketer who desires to apply modern up to date techniques of affiliate marketing
  • Very economical costs to go premium membership
  • Great discounts to take advantage off
  • A wonderful helping and sharing community
  • Top grade support team
  • Owners available for help and support
  • Every possible aspect of website building and marketing covered


  • You need to take your time at the beginning
  • Get to know where every thing is and how it works
  • After that NONE

 Wealthy Affiliate is For all Online Marketers

Wealthy Affiliate is for everybody from the newbie up to the more experienced person inWealthy Affiliate Review shows WA banner making money exposed. marketing and other online businesses that feel they need a boost to keep their business in the forefront of there industry.

With using WA training they know that they are using up to date techniques to keep their websites current and continue  to prosper with running their successful business enterprises.

These are some of the great benefits that you get when you are a member of the community here at WA.

As the Wealthy Affiliate platform is suitable to be used on any mobile device or tablet you can work on your business anywhere in the world, once you’ve got an internet connection.

Here are Some of the Tools and Benefits you get Access too!

  • Keyword Research Tool  “It’s free
  • Rapid Writer
  • A website builder in 3 clicks, by WordPress Express
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting, this feature is for Premium Members
  • 1,000’s of website templates and themes available
  • Over 10,000 different features for your websites

Once you have signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about tools and services, all you need is right here to run your online business.

 Support is Second to None!

Support is fast with any website problems, nothing is to small for the support team to look at, and offer help, or correct the problem for you. You also get experts in the community who will help you out with any questions you have.

As this is a global community you have people on the platform doing their training 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will see Kyle and Carson are active in the forum most days.


You get interactive support from these 2 handsome chaps

If all else fails for some reason you can ask the 2 owners any question you have any time of day? Where else in this industry can you get that kind of support? Priceless…

 What will it cost?

I have set up this cost matrix for you to see at a glance what you actual get for your dollar? Take your time viewing this, for there is a lot of information include here.

I got a surprise Bonus for you..?

To claim your bonus, within the first 7 days, become a premium member and get a 59% discount for your first month.

How is that for great value?  

Wealthy Affiliate Review – My take on it.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle & Carson

My Overall Ranking:  97 out of 100 points

Who it’s for:   NewbieExpert

Wealthy Affiliate Review 97 Points

My Final Opinion

There are a lot of scam affiliate programs out there just waiting for the innocent to pick up and run with. Now here is the big catch, they take your money and promise some great training but never deliver on their promises…?

Does this sound familiar to you? Well guess what, you are not along!

Or you are told to go to the next level to get even better training & information and you guessed it?

You’ll be asked to pay more money, sometimes a lot more…?


Why not join up here and enjoy it all in one healthy place…?

Thank you for reading my post;

Please leave a comment below or share this information with your friends…

I hope you will call back soon, you can catch up with me in my WA profile.

25 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review, How To Be At The Top Of The Best

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  3. Patrick

    This looks like great work you have carried out here on this website?
    You should be well rewarded for your in depth details you give to your readers.

  4. Patrick Post author

    Hi Robert,
    Glad you found useful information on my website. Always a pleasure to help others.
    Thank you for the time you spent reading my review and that you took the time to make a comment.
    I hear so many tales about scams online, with so many people get taken in by slick salesmen on the sales videos that hook these people to part with their money.
    Then it is some time later when they begin to find out that these programs are not really for them.
    The best affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate by a mile.

  5. Robert

    Hi patrick,

    Thanks for writing and letting us know more about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Great review,Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start when it comes to making money online. Keep it up . Waiting to hear more from you.

  6. Patrick Post author

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my website.
    I appreciate your detail comment and I am happy that you found I am putting across the best message for my visitors.
    Hope to see you here again in the future.

  7. rick

    This is a very informative review of a well known program. The message here is explaining about that program I looked into years ago. I didn’t sign up because I was skeptical. I had gotten into some other programs online and failed to make any money doing a number of things, surveys mostly, but I also got scammed on an eBay course and a eCommerce site during this period of time. How did I get scammed on eBay? I bought $4000 in a course book, when the information is free their on eBay!

    I later came back to this program, Wealthy Affiliate, as I had bookmarked the program. So, I signed up for free.

    Needless to say I am with Wealthy Affiliate today. And if I had the choice to do it again, or offer this to others, I would definitely to doso.

    The program has made a huge difference in my life and I went from working as a truck driver to working online from home. Even my first year, I saw that I could make a living at it and knew it would just get better the next year.

    Of course it did get better and now that I’m retired, I still love to get online and earn income. Right now I am just on part time as I have money coming in each day from 3 niche websites using Affiliate Marketing.

    Sure I tried my own products before this, and even worked myself to death with an eBay store. Nothing seemed to be what the doctor ordered. But once I joined Wealthy Affiliate and met Kyle, I realized I was finally HOME!

    If you are thinking about joining a training program and want to become successful online…What can I say…except do what I did. Sign up above at one of the links and get a free look inside.

    You can even contact me if you’d like. I do like to help others become successful as well. Skype me at rick.bell30 if you have any questions.


  8. Patrick Post author

    Hi Marvin,
    Thanks for commenting on my review, especially as you have a great website of your own.
    I just had to have a look! Something to do with the food… I guess ?
    I wish you great success,

  9. Patrick Post author

    Hi Freddie,
    Thanks for your comments, I enjoyed the exercise and the experience of writing this review.
    More important for me was that I could share this with others.

  10. Patrick Post author

    Hello Freddie,
    I am happy you read my review, and understood what’s involved to present this work true and correct.
    Many other online training programs are not so good or as well equipped to do the job as good and through as WA are doing.
    I’ll see you around,

  11. Patrick Post author

    Hi Sonia,
    I am glad you joined up and that you are enjoying yourself in the training.
    This is one the best places to be for to build a great online business.
    Thank you for your comment and I hope you do well in your online adventure.

  12. Patrick Post author

    Hi Rosie,
    Thank you for your visit to my WA Review.
    Nice of you to make a great comment here, so you enjoyed the experience of reading through my review.
    This one is no scam.
    To your good success in your business,

  13. Patrick Post author

    Hi Rosie,
    I am happy to give to you how it is!
    Thank you for your comment and that you enjoyed visiting my site.
    I wish you the best in your own business.

  14. rosie

    Thank you for your honesty about it not happening ‘overnight’….even though it might feel like a negative point it actually is proof that it is indeed real, honest and above board…..those ‘get rich quick’ scams are exactly that….scams.

  15. Patrick Post author

    Hello Sonia,
    Yes, one of the few at this standard of affiliate training that is legit.
    I am glad that you are also a member and enjoying the experience here at WA.
    Best regards,

  16. Patrick Post author

    Hi Freddie,
    Thanks again good of you to make a positive comment.

  17. Patrick Post author

    Hi Freddie,
    I am delighted that you have found my review interesting and worthy of your evaluation.
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    Good luck in you business,

  18. Patrick Post author

    Hi Marvin,
    Thanks for your comment, you are spot on…?
    It’s not a get rich quick scheme, you need to do the work.

  19. Patrick Post author

    Hello Sylvia,
    Thank you for visiting my review and making a comment, on how well you like the this review.
    I try to put good quality content into my writing for all my posts.
    I wish you success in you business.
    Patrick. :-))

  20. Sylvia

    Hi Patrick,
    Great information on Wealthy Affiliate and what it can do for you to be successful in online marketing. I really loved the read of your posts.
    Best to you in 2015
    Sylvia 🙂

  21. Marvin Wilson

    Very well done, visually appealing, and thorough review! I like that you mentioned in “Cons” that you DO have to put some time into getting started. Not a “get rich scheme”, WA, but a legit biz opp.

  22. Freddie

    You did a great review and I can tell you know your subject matter concerning WA. If I was not already a WA member I would join based on your product evaluation. Best wishes for continued success

  23. Freddie

    I enjoyed your review and could tell you knew your subject matter. If I was not a WA member already I would join based on your recommendations. Best wishes for much success.

  24. sonia

    I agree, this program is legit. I have learned so much in the short time I have been there and the membership fee is totally worth it. Sonia

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